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Clear Quartz Point Wand

Clear Quartz is best known for its ability to absorb, store and release energy, often amplifying it in the process. Commonly used in conjunction with other crystals to enhance their abilities. On its own it is said to aid both memory and concentration. 

Stone Size: 5-7cm


Interesting Information

Clear Quartz comes from the Greek word meaning ice, due to its glacial like appearance, immaculate transparency and cooling energies. It is an incredibly abundant mineral which can be found all around the globe, from Africa, to North America and many places in between. 

There are many stones belonging to the Quartz family, such as the more obvious ones such as Rose Quartz and Snow Quartz, but also Gem Stones such as Aventurine, Jasper and Carnelian. It is often said that Clear Quartz is

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