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Selenite Tumblestone

Selenite is seen as one of the most important crystals to have in your collection. It expands the awareness of self and eliminates energy blockages. Through this it is that we can gain a higher level of consciousness. Many refer to Selenite as "liquid light" as it has a profound ability to purify, cleanse, clear and uplift you and your home. Excellent for meditation and spiritual work as it instils deep peace. 

Stone Size: Medium 

Interesting Information

The word Selenite comes from the Greek word for the moon, as it was said that its pearly lustre and glow was reminiscent of the moon. Selenite crystals can grow to an epic size, with some being found in caves measuring up to 11 meters. It is an incredibly soft mineral and can actually be scratched using a finger nail, if you don't believe us try it for yourself!



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